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As you're listening to voicemails, you can make a playlist of them.

Click the plus sign on a voicemail to add it to your Timestream.

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When your playlist is complete, go to "Your Timestream." Give your Timestream a title, and tell us what it is about.

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Remember: The Timestream Maker is very forgetful. If you go away before you finish your Timestream, it will forget what you had started. (Also, you can only make one at a time)

Why make Timestreams?

As we listen to voicemails we notice that some of them just kinda go together. Like mixtapes, you put them in an order that tells a story your way. A story of the future(s). So we hope you will make Timestreams to share the stories you hear in the voicemails.

The Subtle Differences

One of the things I find most interesting about the chronofact voicemails is hearing the ways humans and their culture have changed. It’s the subtle differences that I find most interesting. Of course, I won’t even try to argue that it’s not mind-blowing to hear that there are hovering homes or self-driving cars, but in what other ways has life on Earth changed? How do people interact differently? What has become normal to the humans of the future?

Take this sales call from 2041 about firestorm season for example. One of the company’s pitches is that their products can “prevent the incineration of your home and your family.” At first, I’ll admit, I had to pause the voicemail because I could’t hear what she was saying over my own laughter. Incinerate your family?! I can’t imagine a company using those words to push their product today. So what is happening in this future that would make a call like this normal? Are people less sensitive to horrific tragedies? Are companies using extreme scare tactics to make sales? A few words can lead to so many questions about the future.

Sometimes, the most noticeable thing about a voicemail is that, in some ways, humans stay exactly the same. For example, this voicemail from one neighbor to another sounds like it could be from 2014 or three decades ago if you replace “start your windjam” with “cut down those weeds” or “keep your dog quiet.” I guess there will always be grumpy humans and bickering neighbors.

What voicemails have struck you as particularly interesting? What subtle differences have you noticed? Drop us a line by clicking on the “Dear Coasters” link on the left!