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Your Timestream is empty.

But you can still fix that.

As you're listening to voicemails, you can make a playlist of them.

Click the plus sign on a voicemail to add it to your Timestream.

Add them in the order you want them to play.

When your playlist is complete, go to "Your Timestream." Give your Timestream a title, and tell us what it is about.

Put in your email and press "Publish." We’ll send you an email. Click the link in it to show you're not spam. Now after a quick moderator check your Timestream will go live!

Remember: The Timestream Maker is very forgetful. If you go away before you finish your Timestream, it will forget what you had started. (Also, you can only make one at a time)

Why make Timestreams?

As we listen to voicemails we notice that some of them just kinda go together. Like mixtapes, you put them in an order that tells a story your way. A story of the future(s). So we hope you will make Timestreams to share the stories you hear in the voicemails.

New Podcast: “Food”

Finch got inspired by the makers of the timestreams ‘what’s for dinner’ and ‘the food is all lies.’ Her latest podcast is all about the foods in our futures.

They say you are what you eat – so what do our future victuals say about future us? From the sounds of it, no matter which future we’re in, food will always be a vital part of life. It can sustain us, entertain us, help us celebrate and there’s always trouble when there’s not enough of it.

Beware, ‘grub’ punning ahead.

Have a listen: http://tiny.cc/finchpod