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Why make Timestreams?

As we listen to voicemails we notice that some of them just kinda go together. Like mixtapes, you put them in an order that tells a story your way. A story of the future(s). So we hope you will make Timestreams to share the stories you hear in the voicemails.

Dear Coasters: Voicemail in the future?

So, in the future people will use voicemail? – Michael from San Diego

Hi Michael, good question. It points up an interesting angle to the chronofact phenomenon: the idea of futures rather than future.

Don’t want to get out of my depth with the philosophy or physics (fascinating though they may be), I’ll just attach the Cone of Possibilities. It shows there isn’t one future (until it becomes the present…).

So to answer your question: in many futures, yes, they still use voicemail. (And that makes sense to me, because it’s been durable so far.) But since the space-time leak happens in the voicemail system, nothing would leak from futures that don’t have voicemail!  – pKnot