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As we listen to voicemails we notice that some of them just kinda go together. Like mixtapes, you put them in an order that tells a story your way. A story of the future(s). So we hope you will make Timestreams to share the stories you hear in the voicemails.

Choosing My Own Future

Only a couple more days until the chronofall is over. They say it should be done by April 30th. Can you believe it?

It feels like when you’re on vacation and you only have a day or two left until you have to hop on a plane and head for home. It’s exciting to have time left, but terribly sad that it’s almost over.

I’ve learned so much about the futures and maybe, more importantly, about myself. Being a Coaster has changed my life. I know that might sound a bit over the top, but it’s true. Before this chronofall, I was just going through the motions. I spent all day (and sometimes a good portion of the evening) at the antique store. I can’t even estimate how many hours my kids have spent at my desk in the back doing homework. Some days, I’ve eaten all three meals at the front counter.

The funny thing is, I’m not sure why. We certainly do well enough that I could hire someone to help. I guess maybe it was the easy way out. I don’t know if I ever mentioned here that the antique shop was handed over to me when my husband died. After he was gone, I guess it was easier to continue doing what we did than to stop and decide what I was going to do by myself.

Listening to all of these voicemails has made me stop and look at my own life in the present. It’s forced me to face a lot of decisions I’ve been avoiding for years. I can’t sit here and assume that everything will be okay as long as I just keep chugging along the way I have been.

I guess I’m ready to choose which future I’m going to live in?